Essbase ASO: Can’t Set Years/Scenarios to Ignore

While trying to optimize an ASO cube today, I found it impossible (literally) to set my Years and Scenarios to Ignore (not Add).  Whenever I tried to set them to Ignore, EPMA would give me a validation error that the consolidation MUST be ‘+’.  Well, that doesn’t help my optimization one bit.

When I went into EPMA and looked at the “Essbase (ASO)” property options for my Years and Scenarios dimension, I didn’t even see an option to set them as “Label Only” which would have corrected my “+” vs “~” issue.

As a test, I went into the “Essbase (BSO)” settings and found that I could set the Data Storage to “LabelOnly” there…but not in the ASO settings.  So, I did.  Then I changed all my years and scenarios to Ignore…  It worked.  Seems funny (fishy?!!) that I could not set the Data Storage for Years in ASO.  My only guess is that since both of those dimensions are required for Planning, you can only set the storage in either the Planning or BSO option lists.

EPMA really doesn’t want to play nice with ASO, I am finding…

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