Unexpected Essbase Error [1007083]

So let’s be real here, shall we?  Is any error during month end really expected??  If I knew there was going to be an error, I would prevented it with all of my might.

But I digress…

Today, I received an error while trying to upload attributes to my ASO cube.  I have NEVER had an issue loading these two files.

A little background…  My ASO cube is built from EPMA but the base dimension is updated each month (always changing) and is shared with another application that does not use the attributes.  Since EPMA is picky about the base dimension in EPMA being Local as it is associated with the attribute dimension, I choose to keep the actual attribute tagging text file on the server and load it in via EAS versus using an ADS file.

Today while loading the attribute tags, I got an error: “Unexpected Essbase Error [1007083]”.  It was vague so I had to do some digging for the fix.  Here is what I tried:

  1. I tried redeploying the app from EPMA thinking something got “stuck” and wouldn’t let me load my attributes.  Still got the same error.
  2. I tried copying my load rules file as a new one thinking maybe the file got corrupted.  Still got the same error.
  3. I tried running just one file at a time instead of the 2 together.  Still got the same error.
  4. Created a new text file and copied & pasted the contents of the original file into the new text file. 

Voila.  That did it.  Somehow my text files became corrupted (but only for Essbase).  So, I created a new text file for the 2nd file and it loaded perfectly as well.

C’est la vie.

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