Kscope 2014: Sessions I’m Excited About!

I would be absolutely remiss if I did not give my input on the upcoming Kscope 2014 conference, starting in just 2 shorts weeks!

I have thought about how to convey my excitement, and I figure I can best do it daily.  I have been to 2 Kscope conferences (2011 and 2013) in the past.  2011 introduced the first time I had been selected to present at a user conference – and my eyes were opened.  I had never heard of Kscope, let alone ODTUG, so I had a lot to learn.  The conference was larger than I had expected and the content was much deeper than I knew Hyperion could go!  I was a bit overwhelmed, but found my way pretty quickly.  As a side note – if you are going to Kscope and feel overwhelmed, contact me!  I’d be happy to show you around and introduce you to others to make the experience as enjoyable as it should be!  In 2013, I went as a member of the Leadership Group so I worked a lot of the administration positions and learned what it took to put on a large user conference.

2014 will be no different.  I am excited to say I am attending as a speaker, panelist, Hyperion SIG Board Member and Oracle ACE Associate.  And I’ve been on some calls and emails…Kscope is going to be a BLAST.  Not just for those working the conference…and especially for those attending!  Without further adieu, here are the sessions I am getting really excited about in a daily format.

There is a small group of us Oracle geeks running the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.  I am an avid runner, so adding a new city and medal to my running collection is always a highlight for me!  Also occurring on Saturday morning is the Community Service Project.  If you will be in Seattle Saturday morning, be sure to sign up for this.  ODTUG’ers will be beautifying a local city park for future enjoyment.  I did CSD in 2011 and met some great people.  This day also starts registration – come by and meet me!  I would love to meet people who have been reading my blog.

The symposiums are wonderful.  I love hearing directly from Oracle the direction for the different products I work with.  It’s also great to talk one-on-one with the product managers of my career.  If you get the chance, please go.  You will see the long-term plans of Oracle from their mouth.  This is also the day for the welcome reception.  Come meet fellow conference attendees and have a drink on the house!

This is when the meat of the presentations start.  Let me list a few for this day:

  • General Session and Keynote (8:30 – 10 AM) – Who doesn’t want to hear Monty speak about how awesome this conference is going to be??  Also, the speaker will be Jake Porway who will be giving a lecture on “Can Big Data Save the World?”.  I’m excited to hear how he is using big data to try and solve some of the world’s problems.
  • Calc Manager Rules with an ASO Cube: Yes, It Works! (10:45 – 11:45 AM) – I am particularly excited about this one.  Those of you who read my blog know that I am deep in ASO world right now and I’m trying to learn every little, tiny bit of what I can do with the cube.  I have dabbled in using CSCs with ASO and I’m excited to see Ludovic De Paz do so.
  • ASO Planing: Don’t Do That; Do This (1:15 – 2:15 PM) – See the previous bullet point to understand why I’m excited about Cameron Lackpour’s session.
  • Essbase New Features and Roadmap Update: 2014 Edition (3:45 – 4:45 PM) – I always enjoy hearing Gabby Rubin speak of where Oracle plans to take Essbase in the future.
  • Monday Night Madness – The EPM Community will be hosting a carnival themed night with drinks and prizes centered around the Hyperion theme.  Come hang out with your’s truly and the rest of the Hyperion SIG BOD for a night of fun!
  • MDX Simplified: A Methodical Approach to Writing Complex Functions (2 – 3 PM) – As I try to teach others MDX, I find it difficult since I taught myself and consider myself very much still learning.  I’m excited to hear Jennifer Hanks’ approach to learning and teaching MDX.
  • Transitioning Functional End Users from Add-In to Smart View: A Change Management Study (3:30 – 4:30 PM) – I have to plug myself here!  In this session, I am going to share what I have learned over the past 3 or so years when converting end users to Smart View.  There are right ways and there are wrong ways – do it the right way.
  • Time to Spread the Wealth: Essbase Allocations Made Easier Using ASO adn BSO Cubes (4:45 – 5:45 PM) – Yes, allocations can be a pain in the behind.  I’m excited to hear how they can be made easier!
  • Evolution or Revolution: The New Hybrid Essbase (11:15 – 12:15 PM) – I’m super excited to hear Cameron Lackpour and Dan Pressman talk about their experiences with Hybrid Essbase…ASO and BSO together – could it be the best of both worlds??
  • Women in Technology Panel (12:15 – 1:45 PM) – Again, another plug for my session!  I have been working with Kellyn Pot’vin on WIT topics for close to a year now.  The panel is made up of 4 very diverse people who talk about WIT issues from their viewpoint.  This is a sure-fire “DON’T MISS”!
  • How to Integrate Essbase with Oracle and Third-Party Applications (2 – 3 PM) – I have been told that Jason Jones and I would be friends if we met in real life.  I love integrating Essbase with non-Essbase tools.  My first instance was in-house creating a custom VB application that verified data exported from Essbase loaded to SQL Server…in the same screen.  Can’t wait to see his method explained!
  • Kscope Special Event (Evening) – What would a trip to Seattle be without a trip to the Experience Music Project??  This is sure to be an awesome time with friends, music, food and drinks.  Be sure to come dressed up as your favorite musician!  Guess who I will be…you will have to find out!
This year, Thursday is dedicated to deep dive sessions.  Your’s truly will be a member of the Essbase Experts Panel to be moderated by Tim Tow.  In this session, questions that you have asked during the week will be discussed (or debated) live.  Don’t miss this!
All in all, this is going to be a great conference.  Please introduce yourself to me at the conference.  I love meeting fellow Hyperion geeks!

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