Kscope EPM Speakers I Am Excited About!

I realized my original, excitable post about Kscope was based on a list I put together a while ago, so I missed some key people.  Instead of listing their sessions, I will list the people.  Again, these are people I know personally and can vouch for their expertise and love of the EPM toolset!

Amy Del Rosario – We have come to know each other very well over the past year on the Hyperion SIG BOD.  She loves her hometown (Seattle!) and loves her Hyperion. @idiot4dogs

Rob Donahue – I worked with him at a previous employer and can vouch for his infrastructure skills.  Be sure to check him out.

Cindy Eichner – I work with her at my current employer and can tell you that she lives and breaths Hyperion.  Her session with Jake Turrell is a must (if you are going to miss mine at the same time…).

Courtney Foster – I have worked with her on the Hyperion SIG BOD and can tell you that she loves this stuff.  He session on HSF should be extremely interesting.

Jonathan Johnson – I worked with him on a project a little over a year ago and he is an excitable speaker.

Mike LaBarge – Another one I worked with on the Hyperion SIG BOD.

Erich Ranz – Another coworker of mine who eats, sleeps and dreams of EPMA.

Henry Robin – Yet another wonderful Hyperion SIG BOD. @henry_robin

Deanna Sunde – A fellow Leadership Group graduate and Hyperion SIG BOD.

Tim Tow – He is full of info and loves his Essbase so much that it is his license plate to his truck. @timtow

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