Kscope 2014 – In Pictures

Let it be known that I had a blast at Kscope 2014!  The content was the highest quality that I have ever seen, the speakers even more top notch than ever and the fun the most funnest ever!  I debated going into neat tricks and tips I learned, but I’m sure you will see them come out in blogs (with proper credit to the people!) sooner rather than later.  Instead, I have decided to document my Kscope 2014 experience in pictures.  Note that I did not take pictures of sessions (unless you saw my pics via Twitter) as I like for the presenters to own the pride that comes from having presented at the prestigious Kscope!

I got to Kscope on Friday, June 20th.  My and some of my best geeky friends decided to run the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon the following morning.  So, let’s start with that picture…

Debbie G and I just finished the Seattle RnR Half Marathon!  Talk about a beautiful day and great course.  I got to see all my sites, including the Space Needle, CenturyLink Field (Go Hawks!…yes, I am a fan – but BEFORE they won the Super Bowl!).  If you get the chance to run this race in the future, do so!Image

Sunday was the Symposiums.  We are all sworn to secrecy – so no details – but suffice it to say that I plan to work with Oracle tools for a while and I have faith in them!  After the symposium was the always fun first night Happy Hour and such.

Debbie G and I pretended to dress like Seattle Hipsters.


And I even caught a fish from the Pike Place Market fish people (yes, I really did catch it)!


Monday Night Madness consumed my – wait for it – Monday night.  The Hyperion SIG did a great job putting this on!  Look for the EPM Community to host this event in the future!


Tuesday night was a fun night as it was my very first Oracle ACE dinner.  I got to meet many people that I am only Twitter friends with, meaning they are now real-life friends.

Below, Stewart Bryson is carefully examining his beer flight.


Next, a couple of my old friends and a couple of my new friends went out to catch up some more…


Wednesday night was a BLAST at the EMP Museum.  Your’s truly and some other good friends chose to dress up for this fun occasion.  I was P!nk (not the 2001 P!nk because I’m not into wearing men’s clothes all night; not the 2014 P!nk because I am not an aerialist; but the 2011 post-baby P!nk where she just dressed up…  BTW…it takes a loooooong time to get fake tattoo’ed up).  Pictured with me are Debbie G, Opal A, Janice D and Natalie D.


Here is the view from the top of the concert area at EMP.  It was so enjoyable watching everyone enjoy themselves!  And the music was great – YCC did a great job with the band selection.


Here is a pic of some AMAZING aerialists.  I wish I had their strength!


Thursday was a semi-sad day…when we had to say goodbye.  However, I finally had a chance to mosey the streets of Seattle and make the pilgrimage to the original Starbucks.


Friday brought a much needed vacation day for me.  The hubby and I took a duck tour around Seattle and it did not disappoint.  Here is a view of Seattle from the ducks:


And when in Seattle, you have to eat at The Crab Pot down by Pike Place Market.  They actually dump the seafood right on the table…


Since I had been standing and/or walking for 6 straight days, I decided to lay low on Friday night since we would be hiking and wine tasting on Saturday.  No visit to Columbia Valley is complete without a visit to Chateau Ste. Michelle!  BTW…there are other FANTASTIC wineries in the area, so please check out as many as possible!


Now, this next section is dedicated to Opal A.  Many of us are either definitely going or seriously considering going to Oracle Open World (OOW) in September.  One of the (now) traditions is to do a swim in the (cold, cold) ocean.  Some attendees wear wetsuits…others wear, well, less.  Since Opal does not know what a “half-Borat” is…well, I CAUTION YOU ALL!!!! (and I feel I must mention that my blog posts are my own words…or suckered into words…and not my employer’s or Oracle’s)…here it is.

For Opal A…the half-Borat.  I’ve chosen to only do a link…


See you all at Kscope 15 in Hollywood, FL!



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