7 Days of Blogging and OOW…Let the fun begin!

Last week while sitting in the Delta Sky Club at LGA I was trying to think of ways to promote the EPM community prior to and during Oracle Openworld (OOW).  However, I also wanted to challenge myself.  Twitter and Facebook are easy.  Coming up with new blog articles each day is not.  It takes preparation and discipline to blog…and blog regularly (where I have failed as of late).  Here is what I came up with:

I am going to blog for 7 days straight prior to OOW, starting this Sunday.

7 is not a lot for some people, as they are doing 30 days of blogging for the 30 days of September.  I am but a Grasshopper in the blog world, so maybe one day I will get there.

Here is what I am preparing and disciplining myself to write on (not necessarily in this order):

  1. EPMA Automation, Part I
  2. EPMA Automation, Part II
  3. EPMA Automation, Part III
  4. How Essbase Works, Part II
  5. Integrating Applied Olap‘s Next Gen Outline Extractor and VBA
  6. ADS Files for EPMA
  7. …Something special for you all!  TBD…

And since I am big on community, I will be sharing something about myself each day.  If you are going to OOW, I challenge you to use what I share about myself to connect with me in SFO…my favorite US city and my favorite place to run (see what I did there…I let slip a personal thing about me ahead of schedule…twice!).

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I am excited about writing them.

And because ODTUG shared this YouTube link from Kscope14 today, I thought I would share your’s truly and my fantastic friend, Amy Caldwell, sharing our thoughts on, well, technology.  What else?

Here’s to next week!

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