ODTUG Board of Directors Voting Has Commenced!

This morning the ODTUG Board of Directors voting began.  Prior to the voting, each candidate was able to fill out (if they desired) a campaign statement that could be read prior to the actual online vote.  This is something that I took very seriously.  Although I am involved in the EPM and ODTUG communities, I realize that there are people out there that I have not had a chance to interact with yet.  Below is the campaign statement that I chose to be published; and if you have read my blog over the past few weeks you will recognize the same themes – involvement in a user group and community.

When I was in-house as an administrator, I not only was the Hyperion administrator, but I was also a junior DBA.  In ODTUG worlds, I crossed into DBA AND into EPM.  And that is the basis for my community theme – so many of us cross ODTUG track lines that to fit in one box is not adequate.  So we must communicate, work together and be as one to make ODTUG the best that it can be…not as individual tracks or communities, but rather as a whole made up of parts.

Below is the statement from the ODTUG website (and link):


I am also fortunate enough to have the support of Oracle ACE Director, UKOUG Director and past President Debra Lilley :


I have the support of my company:


And I would also like your support.

This election is about your desires for ODTUG leadership – vote and let your geek voice be heard!

Note: If you are an ODTUG member, you should have received voting instructions in your email this morning (if in America 🙂 )

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