OT: #Goal412 Update!

Here I am – one week into my April 12th, 2015 goal of turning 33, running a marathon in under 4:30 and raising $5,000 for cancer research.


If you click on the link above, you will see that I am now 8% of the way to my goal! But I’m not there yet…

I had my first session with my coach last Friday where we talked about goals and she took measurements. This past week was spent doing baseline tests for fitness and painstakingly tracking all of food and beverage intake. On Tuesday we will meet again to review my fitness tests and analyze my food for vitamin deficiencies. Look for a follow-up next week on what she came back with!

Also, I will be featuring some people I know that have had cancer. Some have fought it and won…some have not. This week I would like to highlight two family members – my grandfather and my uncle. Unfortunately, both passed some time ago so I cannot get their stories, but future posts will include personal stories from people in my life. My grandfather had skin cancer due to years spent in the sun. He was a lucky one and survived his cancer with just a scar on his nose. My uncle, sadly, also had skin cancer and died from it. Given my family history, I encourage each of you to have any strange mole or spot on your skin checked out. It could mean life and death!

Please check in next week when I highlight the story of my childhood friend, Erin, that recently has fought cancer. She’s a special girl in my life’s story and I can’t wait to brag about how awesome she is! (I even have pictures from when we were kids…maybe I’ll post that on Thursday for “Throwback Thursday” picture. 🙂

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