#Goal412 Update!

It was no accident that I waited a full month for the next #Goal412 update. I wanted to publish real numbers, real gains and real values to show my progress! Now, of course, you know I have all my data in an Essbase database. And for those of you EPM geeks wanting to know my dimensionality, you will have to wait until Kscope15 in Hollywood, FL for those details in one of my presentations! Nothing like a Kscope teaser…

My fundraising efforts have stalled a bit over the past month, but I am still 36% of the way to the goal presented to me by the V Foundation ($1500), but only 10.9% of the way to my $5000 goal. Any word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook push…ANYTHING…would be appreciated!

I felt a bit vulnerable last month sharing my own story that I tend to keep quiet, but it has a place in my life’s story. Little did I know that 1 week after posting my story, I developed another lump in the same place as I had before. I decided to not panic and prayed that it was just my body fighting off a potential illness…and it would go away in the next week. Thankfully, it did! But it was still a scare, nonetheless.

So to the numbers with the caveat that although this month is not over, I’m still posting results because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. 🙂

  • Calories eaten in December vs January: 41,013 vs 55,555
  • Calories worked off in December vs January: 8,134 vs 15,794
  • Calores eaten to worked off ratio: 5.04 vs 3.52
  • Weight down: 5.34%
  • Ring size down: 1 to a 4.5. I have a temporary wedding band until I get my rings resized this summer.

My favorite workout is, actually, a brick – a good bike ride followed by a run. Called so because your legs feel like bricks during the run.

My least favorite workout is swim drills. I stay motivated because I know what they produce, but they really do rank last on my list.

I have my first real test coming up on Sunday – Surf City Half Marathon. Please cheer me on via Twitter and Facebook! I have a Pebble so I can read all the texts, tweets and posts!

Link to donate.

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