@CORRELATION Calculation in Essbase

I’m really going to confuse Twitter with the title of this blog post. My apologies in advance to the entity that owns the Twitter handle, “@CORRELATION”. Seems like a dead handle, anyways.

So I haven’t posted a technical post in about a month. Such is life sometimes, but I’m going to post one today as I’ve removed it from my Kscope presentation. Voila – blog for you. It’s short, but it’s pretty sweet.

When I was starting my Ironman training database, I had intended upon seeing if there was a strong correlation coefficient between the calories I burned in a workout (guess you could say, time and intensity) and the time of day at which I worked out (ie: 6AM or 6PM).  However, after reviewing my own data for 2 month’s time, I abandoned that grandiose plan as, well, I’m just plain a morning person. I rarely workout in the evenings, so *of course* the correlation coefficient would be strong.

But I digress…

Using my own data as an example, I took my workout from January 7th to see if there was any strong correlation coefficent to the calories burned (822) and the time I started working out (5:40AM). Note that some of the items are greyed out not because I don’t want the world to know the data, but, rather, because they will be presented at Kscope.

@CORRELIn writing my formula in Essbase, I created a member called “TimeCorrel” in the Measures dimension. The calculation was written as follows:

CorrelCalcSince I was only testing for one day (hence, the high correlation coefficient between time and cals burned), I fixed on the members that gave me the smallest calc sample.

The SKIPNONE means all values will be included in the calculation.

The next section (with the RANGE’s) are what I am comparing – TimeOfDay1 and “CalsBurned”. Both for January.

When this calc is run, I get a coefficient of 0.99316539. The range only goes from -1 to 1…so, yes, the is a strong correlation. I could extrapolate this example to the past 6 months, but the correlation wouldn’t be much different. I’m just a morning person! …Don’t shoot me…


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