Learning APEX: The Real Basics, Post 0

When I decided to learn APEX, like really learn APEX, I found the beginner books not so…beginner-y. Ones I saw started with pre-built applications that would be enhanced or modified. However, I wanted to start from scratch. It took quite a bit of reading, researching and patient teaching from Jorge Rimblas, but I finally got some basic items working.

I’m starting a series that helps the n00bs (like me) go from no knowledge to some knowledge. Yes, the blind leading the blind. But in hopes of creating new APEX fans and users, I thought I would put together something to get everyone’s feet wet, despite their technical or non-technical background. I’ll be making up the storyline as I go, so bear with me if things don’t follow in a life-logical manner! Note that I will be utilizing the Oracle hosted APEX site that allows you to create and have a cloud hosted workspace.

Before you can begin creating your APEX application, you need a workspace.

  1. Go to apex.oracle.com and click “Get Started”.
  2. Click “Free Workspace”.
  3. Choose “Application Development” and click “Next”.
  4. Enter your first name, last name, email and the name of your desired workspace.
  5. Give it a schema name, choose a size (10 or 25 MB) and click “Next”.
  6. Answer a few questions for the APEX team and click “Next”.
  7. Accept the terms and click “Next”.
  8. Verify your workspace request and admit that you are a human then click “Next”.
  9. You will get an email to verify your request. Follow the link, update your password and you are set!

The next part in the series will be on creating tables and loading data.


  1. That’s about as far as I have gotten in my self-teaching of APEX – created an account. Since you’re already way past that pint, I’ll be following your posts, Sarah to see how you’re progressing. Soon we’ll be in that “Let’s wreck this together” club.

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