Essbase – Did you know?

Short and sweet today….

While researching something else today, I came across this following gem in the Essbase new features document that I didn’t pay attention to before…

MaxL Grammar Changes
The MaxL export data statement includes grammar you can use to make exported data anonymous, wherein real data is replaced with generated values. This removes the risk of sensitive data disclosure, and can be used in case a model needs to be provided to technical support for reproduction of certain issues.

…So i decided to look this up. Sure enough, you can now export non-real data to test the export without fear of sensitive data coming through for data recipients. This is a great update for those organizations in which data integration testing can prove more difficult due to the nature of the data and those involved in the process.

So what is the syntax? The information is located on the online Essbase Tech Reference under “export data”.



  1. Hi Sara,

    The link is directing me to the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference Overview main page.


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