Kscope16: New Oracle Professional Track

I feel like this post’s title should have emphasis markers. It’s not the New Oracle Professional Track, but, rather, the New Oracle Professional Track. This track is not professional topics like “How to be More Productive with Loud Cubemates!” or “How to Get Your Boss to Finally Know Your First Name!” (because don’t too many abstract/presentation titles have silly exclamation points?). Rather, this new track has topics like “Introduction to APEX”, “Dashboards and Data Visualization”, and “APEX and Essbase: Together at Last” (to be certain, I did not know that my session was one of the ones highlighted for this track for APEX and EPM! What a fantastic honor!).

I am visioning this track (whether you be APEX, EPM or curious about either) to be one where you can come in with minimal or no knowledge and walk away from Chicago on Thursday with a great foundation to build on, contacts to reach out to when stuck, and slides/opportunities to reference until next Kscope or other conference. The presenters range from those who are on product teams at Oracle to consulting companies specializing in the tools to companies using the tools to manage and run their businesses.

I started in EPM a little over a decade ago. Getting started was very difficult and extremely slow. I was in pre-sales/consulting and the only role I was being put on for projects was report creator. I was stuck…if I had more knowledge, I could be put as an Essbase developer. However, my initial EPM company wasn’t putting me in that role or providing opportunities for more hands-on knowledge. Heck, I didn’t even know what a user group was until 2009, which proved to be pivotal for me.

At the end of 2009, I was selected to speak at Kaleidoscope 2010 (now Kscope). I was absolutely amazed at the content. I didn’t know you could do so much with Essbase! It certainly inspired me to dig deeper in learning the EPM toolset. Since that conference, I regularly put in abstracts to conferences so I can teach what I have learned and so I can learn from other’s experiences. It’s iron sharpening iron in real life!

The hardest part is getting employers (consulting and in-house companies, alike) to send their junior team members to conferences, fearing all the content will be over their head. I can tell you FOR A FACT that the ODTUG Kscope content review teams make sure there is a range of education from beginner to advanced. Everyone has a chance to grow their knowledge at Kscope. With this New Oracle Professional track, you can take 1-2 year’s worth of learning and condense it into 3 days. I’d say in terms of ROI, it’s kind of like winning the lottery. No waiting 2 years for salary expenses to pay for the knowledge; rather, 50%  off the registration price of Kscope16 is the cost. I believe all finance/accounting professionals can agree that the best value for the learning dollar is on Kscope!

Here’s the catch…there are only 50 slots available for this great discount and opportunity. If you want to take advantage, start talking it up with your employer now! Even better, if you are a team leader that can see the value in this opportunity for a junior team member, why not make your core team’s knowledge that much stronger in just 3 days??

Link is located here: http://kscope16.com/content/new

If you attend Kscope16 on this scholarship, please come up and say hello to me and introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you!


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