DVD – Error Importing Excel File Data Source, Error: 10058

This week I received in an interesting error from a co-worker about an error importing an Excel file into Data Visualization Desktop as a Data Source. I also got the same error as her, which was the following:

When “More Detail” was clicked, I see the following error details:

I was a bit stumped, so I tried a few things without luck:

· Shortening the file name…perhaps the file name was too long (the original one was even longer than the one exampled above)

· Checking the original file

o The original file had filters in place, I removed them

o The original file had hyperlinks, I removed them

· Finally, I copied and pasted as text to a new worksheet

I took a closer look at the error and saw it had to do with the column “Event Name”. Thinking it could be, perhaps, a reserved name, I changed the column to “EventName”. Still the same error. I looked closer at the error and saw a weird character at the end of the column name then some space after the name and before the quotes:

In the original file, I realized there was a tab after the column name.

Once I removed this from “Event Name” (and each of the other, remaining columns), I was able to import the file without issue.

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