Unable to Launch BICS Data Sync Configuration

While installing a new instance of BICS Data Sync (2.2.1), I ran into a couple issues (with resolutions) that may help some of you out…

1. Following the installation instructions from one of my previous posts, I updated the config.bat file with my Java JDK home.

2. However, when I ran datasync.bat, I just got a flash of a command prompt, so added a pause at the end of the script to try and debug the issue since no BICS Data Sync configuration screen showed.

3. Nothing showed as an error. Hmmm….

4. Thinking my Java JDK may be too new, I changed the JDK to my 1.7 version.

5. Now, when I run datasync.bat, I get the following error. I’ll take progress when I can get it!

Added 16 October 2017:
I have also run into the following on version 2.3:

“Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.”

6. After doing some quick research, I found the following Environment Variable (System) to add as a possible fix:

7. Once I added this, I was able to run Data Sync.

Voila! Two issues and two simple fixes. I like those.

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