It’s Time to Rally the Oracle Community for the Van Sluys’s!

Thanks to Mike Riley for the following post for the GoFundMe page for Wayne Van Sluys and his family.

Cancer Sucks! I know, I’ve been there. And many of you were there for me and my family. Starting with my friend Chet Justice, the community rallied around us, and did countless good things for us. I was blessed to survive (just celebrated 4 years post surgery and in remission). Sending us to a World Series game to take our minds off of cancer for a night, helping us pay bills, sending us cards, feeding us (thanks Kellyn and Tim!), sending us care packages, etc…It was amazing the way the community rallied, and amazing the support and love we felt.

Fast forward to today, and I feel it is time to send out a cry for help again, this time for a dear friend. Many of you know Wayne Van Sluys from ODTUG and KScope. Wayne is about the nicest guy I know. It breaks my heart to know that Wayne’s wife Cynthia has been battling cancer for the past couple of years. Shortly before Christmas, they received the devastating news that Cynthia’s cancer had spread and that chemotherapy or surgery would not be advisable. Cynthia has been sent home and is under hospice care now. Cynthia and Wayne have been married for many years now, and they have a son Clark who requires 24 hour care. They are a proud, happy, and loving family, and they need our help.

How can you help? If you know the family, reach out to them, send them a note, anything. I speak from experience unfortunately in that even the smallest gestures will mean a great deal to them. Don’t ask them what you can do for them. If you think of something, DO IT! Trust me, they won’t say no. Anything will help them, and will make you feel like you are making a difference (because you are).

Additionally, there is one more thing for you to do. If you can afford any amount at all (no donation is too small or too large), we (a group of Wayne and Cynthia’s friends) have set up a GoFundMe account for them. From the page “The funds raised by this campaign will help pay for: outstanding medical bills, memorial expenses, and continued care for Cindy. Remaining funds will be used to help pay for Clark to go to summer camp (“.

 The address is:

Please consider helping these folks out. Show them how a community always rallies to support one another. You’ve done it before. Let’s do it again. Thanks for reading!


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