Essbase CS Won’t Start After Instance Restart

Today I had an issue where I could not access my Essbase Cloud Service after I restarted the OAC instance. When I went to my URL, I got an error that my site could not be found. If you are having this issue, here are the steps I took to get my instance back up and going:

  1. SSH into your instance. If you need details on how to do this, look here.
  2. Once in, change your user to oracle by entering the following:
    sudo su – oracle
  3. Next, use vi to modify the capiurl file located in this directory: /u01/data/domains/esscs/config/fmwconfig/essconfig/essbase/
  4. Your URL will look like the following:
  5. Change the URL to be https and remove the :9000:
  6. Type :wq to save and exit vi (Note: on a Mac, click “Esc” then type :wq).
  7. Restart your instance and you should be back up and running!


    1. Great question… I don’t know. One of my biggest frustrations with going to the cloud is that instead of less infrastructure interaction for the Essbase administrator, there appears to be more (and it scares me because I do not like changing permissions on Linux-based system!). Along with that, how do you know if the change was something you did, the system did, or related to patching? It is frustrating.

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